The Endless agony of tortured souls, are reclaiming for
Their absolute dehumanized and terrorized rights.

The suffering and the misery are possessed by the affliction,
Condemned Souls are locked up in Purgatory
Without acquisition of a perpetual instant of tranquility.

Undying pain is killing the favorable expectations
Almighty uproars of desperation, convicted to distress
The Damnation is now Dictated, A guiltiness verdict
Punished to endure the anguish everlastingly.

Souls dismembered from the corpses are exclaiming salvation
Drifting in the harmfully environment, demanding purification

Spirits wandering on the deepest agony,
A hopeless terror era,
And culpability instill they proof their yearning innocence.

Relentlessly poltergeist appearances
Increasing the fear over churchgoers,
Lost souls are hunting the stillness of shadowed territories.
Undying pain and incessant, Endless suffering!

Eternally hanged in pain, tortured and tormented
Through the unforgotten remorses
Sentenced for an unholy judgment which has established
A fatal and timeless punishment.

Incessant soreness are slowly fading out
Completely their hopes
Souls are entreating discomforted, Endless suffering!

Inexplicable Extinction
No probes are invested to declare the ghastly slaughtering
The victims are petrified into an uncertain fearness

Undoubted dread is invading the abominable mass execution
Inexplicable human extinctions,
Mortal remains are appearing on the blood-spattered soil
Tortured and assassinated.

Incomprehensible disappearance of uninformed population
Survivors are emerging from unmerciful and overall exterminations.
The traumatic scenes of a Massive Devastation
Is Perplexing circumstances of distressed commotions,

Humanity is traded for a inexplicable,
Dreadful and revolting war
Immersing the terror over the earth
With commands of depredation

No! No Explanations for those inexcusable
Torturing operatives and perverting acts.
The barbarity of the supremacy is
Drastically annihilating the human races.

Incomprehensible disappearance of uninformed population
Survivors are emerging from unmerciful exterminations
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Endless Suffering Lyrics

Kataplexia – Endless Suffering Lyrics