The Orb Of Uncreation!...
For light years, the sphere of beauty travels the lives, in it=B9s =
Void drained behind for unknown spaces the sphere.
I=B9m coming to fulfill your needs, I=B9m here to satisfy your feelings.
And here to take what is rightfully mine.
Your soul
For your war that soils the earth.
You=B9ll perish
Where does it come from?, maybe from the calling... Of the =
Living?... The orb...
>From deep beauty, the sphere strives in vain, lightens it=B9s vast =
>From splendid energy, the sphere walks in grace, glows it=B9s new =
To uncreate!
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The Orb Of Uncreation Lyrics

Kataklysm – The Orb Of Uncreation Lyrics