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Break Down Lyrics

Kase And Wrethov – Break Down Lyrics

Against all odds
I will pierce through the oppression
Wreck the house of cards
It's anarchy in my aggression
With the winds of change steady blowing
In my direction
Truth is a matter of lies wrapped in confession
Ostracized for sexualities and religious beliefs 
Refuse to me another empty face out in the street
All I hear and all I see are dead coffins
Rat tat tat tat tattat n' then nothin'

Tell me what you're waiting for now
So come on take a stand and make your voice heard loud
Tell me what you're waiting for now
Let me hear you all shout it out

Even if the sky was crashing down
And no light of day was to be found 
I will never break down x2
You can say whatever I'll fight my way
I never gonna be in your masquerade
I will never break down
I'm never gonna break down!

Governments killing in gods name
For lack of a campaign
Then looking towards minority figures
To carry blame
The media massacre is a master of puppeteers
Deceiving the masses spreadin' the madness
Truth is smeared
With politix for the profit
Religion has a new prophet
It's called - money and power
Has terror hid in his pockets yeah
Unite to fight for you know what's right
Never let nobody hold you back
Through the darkest night with zero sight
Never let'em push you off your track

Whatever comes your way
Whatever you might face...
I'll never break down!
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