Stand up and be counted, for you are not alone
The white man came and left you without a home
Moneto is calling, he hears the rage in your heart
And fire in your eyes sets you apart
High on a misty mountain, looking down at us
We're fighting and dying for our foolish lust
Tecumsen you were hiding your soul in the past
But the sorrow in your heart fooled everyone of us
Chorus: Wherever you are, wherever you go
If you call, I will follow
Wherever you are, whatever you do
If you fall, I'm right beside you
And though they're gone forever, the memories remain
Beyond the great wide open
Lies an endless plain
Ancient bones have turned to dust, those who dies in vain
The mighty rivers and mountains
Still bear witness to the past
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Wherever You Are Lyrics

Karoo – Wherever You Are Lyrics