Token running by his side
Tales tall and smiles under whispers their story
Secrets of so many men
Strangers from so long ago

They turn back no band of night
They set sail in silence and darkness
Bound for danger all that is yet unseen
The code when to seek him a night

Time to save their world
My lovely (My lovely)
Wish me safely home
Wait for revenge

Frightened as the storm begun
Slowly they're last at their option
Helpless blinded by the icy spray
Before every time breaking wave

They will never reach the shore
Never to claim what they hoped for
The ocean taking portions of your dreams
Respond with the hard times they drown

Take care my love
Remember (Remember)
When you dream of me
I will return

For tricking you

I'll be home again
My lovely, (My lovely, )

This misty gray morning light
Back in the sky from the sunrise
The water breaking softly under rocks
The rocks swims emanative across the lights

His, they come and go
Still waiting (Still waiting)
So my choking heart
Broken inside
Is him calling far away
Time to save their world
Say goodbye
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The Storm Lyrics

Karnataka – The Storm Lyrics

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