Why am I
Wastin' the days
Alone and incomplete
Without anyone

Countin the days
Til' I see her again

How could I
Picture myself as a
Portrait of a man
Sittin' on a window
Watchin time pass by.

I'm havin' trouble findin'
Myself again.
I feel somethin' that I
Just can't comprehend.
I feel so

How many times
Do I find mself,
Lyin' alone in my bed,
Starin' at the celing
As my heart stands still

Coutin' the days
Til' I can see love again.

Wastin' away into my veins
Suffering after another one.



[Repeat 1st Verse]

[Chorus 2x]

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Heartbroken Lyrics

Karmic Passage – Heartbroken Lyrics

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