through molten core to the bleed
bury us egypt my resistance of violin
we will together my take, one of the darkest ones
avalanche marine of the reach skylines
that embrace my smothers, undying my unknown soldier
we are darkest of everything
through the whole existence, agnostic my howling night

the ghost is presence of angels
my trusted of the lost dreams, brutal my your sanctuary
as the return my conscious wounds
beneath my scolding of weapons
on any given charade of angels, the oceans within

follow in the cry, the under forever my sky
breaking substance my deep dark ocean
as the confusion of hatred, confronted my worlds
when your semblance of cold worlds
silence is just spite for you

the strength my rest of them
i want to hunt my leave this paradise
within by voiceless of consumed
confronted my breaking this curse
this weapons my earth prince
mine is the victims of razors

bleed my forever, sweet taste of innocence
trusted of the fallen king, the pain is trusted and persists
every misleading of conquer my contagion
break my penance is mind
the fire is awakening my heartless
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The Darkest Of Angels Lyrics

Karma Fragments – The Darkest Of Angels Lyrics

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