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I Love You So Lyrics

Karina – I Love You So Lyrics

Stupid... and for what you do it Hanging
out all night for You're
such an a e*****boy, you make me sick But
when you give it to me good it's like a perfect fix Damn

love you so But
you be acting nonchalant until you see me in the Let...
you go you'd better make up your mind Boy
you're getting on my nerves yeah And
I ain't finish yet Why
you always trying to blame me when it's your fault You
must be kidding me Left
me some bull message on my birthday Make
me wanna slap you in the worst way Boy
you so damn aggravating But
your love makes me feel so amazing god damn I'm
going in But
I don't even care I
know you think I'm crazy But
boy you just got me feelin like 2

x Chorus Ooh:
I love you so But
why I love you I'll never know Just
got me feelin like ooh Ooh
I love you so But
why I love you I'll never know Just
got me feelin like ooh By

the way I know you back with her I
saw that spiteful little message on her Twitter page Don't
she know that I'm a superstar And
I could put your business out front center stage So
why playin 'cause... you don't really know What
I'm about but I ain't got time for your wicked games So
come and see me if you want it boy Bet
your a feel** real dumb when you hear this song yeah And

it's not that I don't love you 'cause I do yes, I do But...
if it hurts then I don't really care I
just wish that I was over you Got
me feelin' like ooh [2

x Chorus ]:I

hate you I, miss you yeah Now
back on the ground One... single But...
the over And... done [2

x Chorus ]:
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