You ready? Check it out.

(1st verse)
Girl my lovins out of this world.
Baby imma make your toes curl.
Have you making gang signs that don't exist, exist.

Gonna have you hitting that falsetto.
And you know you aint even a soprano.
But there ain't no way you can resist, resist.

If you have doubts baby come over here, let me do. Let me do.
Let me do that, that, and I promise you, yes you! (x2)

Just wait till I cut, cut, cut!
Imma have you like what, what, what!
Never gonna get enough, nough.
That's right, That's right, yah. (x2)

(2nd verse)
Facial expressions I aint never seen!
Can't tell if your happy or being mean.
Just a symptom of what your boy can do, can do, yah.

Swear you never been cut like this.
Promise baby this blade don't miss.
Scoring goals just like I am adu, adu, yah!

(Bridge x2)
[Chorus: X2]

(3rd verse)
Ohh baby. Yah, yah. Yah, right!
Ohh, yah! Yah, that's right, that's right!

[Chorus: X2]
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Cut Lyrics

Karim Diane – Cut Lyrics

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