Roads (Daniel Famine)
Music and Lyrics by Karen Bonkowski (cc)

Met you on the day I saw you play
In your hippie shirt guitar strap wet from all the sweat dripping down your back
You're finally introduced to me

We start to work we write the melody
The lyrics burst I start to thirst for something other than a drink
What is this feeling going through me?
I never meant for this to happen
I'm going through a Daniel Famine

All the roads lead back to you
Finishing at the beginning
I don't know what I should do?
Guide me to the road I'm missing

We become close so close that it hurt
Created jokes so private no one knows of the words that we spoke
But happy times turned into cruelty
Things started to smell like you ate sushi
The Daniel I fell for wanted to lose me

Remember how we laughed for hours?
Just me and you
The music that we wrote it helped me
Fall for you
If you come back I'll forgive you
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Roads (Daniel Famine) Lyrics

Karen Bella – Roads (Daniel Famine) Lyrics