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Flow Lyrics

Kaonashi – Flow Lyrics

Do you remember when we first met?
The shaking of our hands?
The cold gross sweat?
Showing symptoms of summer: amazement and wonder
How could I ever forget?
And I just wanna...
As cold as winter, friendships they wither
And fall apart at the seams
I know you know what I mean
And it goes on and on and on
Self analysis; the catalyst for my inaccurate criticism
I try to hide it, but some days I can't fight it
And some weeks I feel weaker
And some months they just keep dragging on
Essentially, I am a martyr
A friend for hire
A ride home
I bite the hand that feeds cause its other hand's around my fucking neck
Quit depending on me
Quit asking for every fucking thing
See, there's an art to letting go and I can't even color between the lines
I'm stuck all the time between I love you and fuck you
I want to figure it out but every time I try I get stuck in the basics
I guess that's why I'm jaded, I hate it
Work, eat, sleep, repeat, misery
Its all the fucking same to me
Just let it go, just let it flow
See, we're all just starving artists pushing away our plates
Begging for attention that we act like we don't see
Every night I'm sacrificed to memories
And every morning I'm resurrected by reality
I don't want to be a prizefighter
To hold the hollow, heavy, rotten trophy that is your attention
It burns my hands
I'll never understand

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