Ladies If Your Man Ain't Putting In Work No More, More, More.
Well I Think You Better Listen Girl, Turn Up Your Radio.

Date Night, We Used To Do It.
Long Walks, We Used To Do It.
Take Me To The Club When Your With Your Friends, Oh Yeah, You Know that You Used To Do It.
Compliments, Affection, & Passion, You Used To Do It & Every Single Night In the Bedroom, Oh Yeah, Hell Yeah, You Know We Used To Do It.

Whatever It Took To Get Me Boy, Oh You Gotta Keep It Up to Keep Me Around, Whatever It Took To Get Me Boy, Well You Know You Got To Double Up Now

Because I'm About To Leave, Leave You, For A Man That's Doing All The Things You Used To Do
Yeah I'm Bout to Leave, Leave You, For Somebody That'll Do A Whole Lot Better Than You
(2x) Boy I'm Bout to Leave, Leave, Leave, You

[Verse 2:]
Long talks, We Used To Do It
Compromise, We Used To Do It
Cry Together, We Used To Do It
Laugh together, Share The Same Dreams, We Used To Do It
Hold Me, Protect Me, Respect Me, You Used To Do It
Pick My Mama Up Form Sunday School, You Used To Do It



[Verse 3:]
You Used To Write Me Sweet Poems, Leave em Right At My Front Door.
Giving Me Backrubs Even When I Didn't Ask For em.
You Bathed me, Sing To Me, All The little Things For Me & That's What Made Me Fall In Love With You


[Verse 4:]
I Put This On My Mama You Keep Doing The Same Thing, Huh, Silence Gonna Be You Best Friend, Cause I Wont Be Here & This House Is Gonna Be So cold Without Me Here. You Ain't Got To Worry No More, I'm Packing Up My Bags & I'm Out The Front Door.
Bye, bye, bye, bye
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Leave U Lyrics

Kandi Burruss – Leave U Lyrics

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