Indy tracc by kamikaze loon dvious mindz
Ninja this lean musicc kazeloon records dat L. A sound - straight from da roots
Of da town - I shine like all kings & queens royal crowns - I'm so cool when I
Breathe all you feel is the artic breeze - my game airtight like cornelious
Van drebble's invention submarine - I keep a hard woody for your girlfriend
To wobble on we will call it a pirate's of the carribean plank - it stay hard
Like carribean dank - I stay forever original hoodstar lit - L. A city freeway
Car headlights my glist - people start to change when you getting money I
Been getting by changing people around me like money - I stay connected to
All networks like 3g, 4g, & usb - I keep it moving like traffic on the
Freeway - I keep it moving like pedestrians at the mall on a shopping
Spreeway - my flow be moving like cars in the diamond lane - my competition
Flow bumper to bumper more like they still parked in the driveway - I keep it
Gangsta moving like the cars on the freeway - I keep it moving like
Pedestrians at the airport my lean flow L. A. X and J. F. K - I'm to fast on the
Tracc - like jeff gordon, al unser, the andretti's, the busch's ima giant the
Indy cup is my shot glass - out of it I sip racing formula gas - my freestyle
Fow automatic like a A. T. M my cashflow always on petro "go" spitting fresh
From the cranium space balling controlling the universe dribbling the
Planets slam dunking them in the big dipper and the blackhole - you
Funnystyle muthafuccers are gay laced - you need to read some of my tweets
And get straight laced - other rappers be digging into the safe - I just dig
Into my brain - my jewels my braincells I display - the world my showcase - I
Spit them hot head bam bam bigelow bullets - you the next hot one soon as I
Pull it - my lean music will turn your ears into satellites and have your
Soul orbiting in outer space - I'm a pussy consuver addicted forever to the
Clam chowder taste - I kill wordsmith's andrythme slayers - the earth is my
Turf my crib I smile now and laugh later - these other rappers is parrot's
Repeating what I say and there record label's is captain hook - I'm raw like
Freshly cut meat in my slaughterhouse - I'm spitting cool water on the tracc
Y'all other wacc rappers is spitting high karate - I give the world a brain
Freeze when I avalanche flow - my underground flow in the level 4
1 - 8 - 0 - killing everyones commercial overflow - fucc a pen & pad I'm it I got
All the juice - especially when I let loose - I'm hard 4 life - I'm made of
Bulletproof carbonite - I edit and bleep you lames right off the tracc - and
Right out the game of rap - and that includes all of your fans - niggaz be
Dubbing my thugstyle like a T. D. K - or a maxwell - why cuz I'm original
Hoodrich fortunate like maxwell
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Indy Track Lyrics

Kamikaze Loon – Indy Track Lyrics