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Yellow And Blue Lyrics

KALEIDOREAL – Yellow And Blue Lyrics

Walking among the accepted
On the right side of the fence
Were the parachutes are handed out

We're safe but afraid
Ideals that stopped making sense
And we forgot what we were all about

We like to be included
But we'd love to sit alone
Saving the poor from the comfort of our homes
And if they only knew what you did
To make the world a better place
You let them live by your grace

Inside we're all so high on dreams and pleasure
Behind the wall we built with all our treasure
While on straws we are sipping, anothers' are slipping away
Can't you hear them say
We just want to stay
Just want to stay alive another day

Walking along we are the skeptics
Open and accepting
As long as you're like us

And we'd love for you to be happy
As long as it's not from religion
While we look to our own selves

We're all for security
For us, not for the others
And if we only knew what it takes
To live on the other side
Maybe we would open our eyes

Inside we’re all...

Yellow and blue
Is this really true
Can someone explain all this madness in you
Drunk on success
We call this progress
Losing our grip I'm afraid what comes next
A folk without feeling
A land that needs healing
Building our lives on a stolen foundation
Darkness disguised as the true liberation
The rich and the famous cry on our screens
While the sick and the dying
Get lost in between

Yellow and blue
Is this really true
Can someone explain all this madness in you
One at a time
We wave them goodbye
Off to somewhere they might suffer or die
A prize worth receiving?
A lie worth believing?
Blind to the souls in our streets in our malls
As we sit safe behind our blood red walls
The spoiled and the careless
An ocean of excess
Recklessly spending
Blind or pretending
On thousands of children
We close the door
As we try not to wonder what they’re knocking for
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