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Naturally Lyrics

Kalapana – Naturally Lyrics

Gliderman, over land, he's soaring
Life below, could he know, he's flying over my Laurie
Natural high, makes him sigh, to know that he's so free
And he's smiling, down at me
Over mountains, naturally

You watch the birds, without a word, and you wonder
And it's such a load, to have and hold
Amazed you sit and wonder
You wait for winds, to give an assuring hopeful kinda sign
Then sail into the heavens of your mind
But he's flying, naturally, again

Over oceans, naturally
Good he never knew
Be it be, you be, it is, blue

One with broken wings is gone forever
He left a goal, for your soul, that you should remember
The ultimate, that he yearned for, didn't take too long
The limits that he reached are dead and gone
But he's flying, naturally, oh yeah

Over mountains, naturally
Over ocean, naturally
Over mountains, naturally
Over hillsides, naturally
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