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Odious Lyrics

K3N SILS – Odious Lyrics


Dear Christian you've been back sitting to long, devil's influence comng in to strong, comforming
To the evil partens of this wicked world, are you telling me you to blind to see this,
Are you telling me you happy with the current status, of this world and
Everything surrounding it, get up man we gotta a lot of work to do,
We gatta forcus on the great commission like we should,
Enough of the meer talking and less walking,
It's time you walk the talk let the rubber meet the road, consecrate yourself, let self die tonight,
Open up our spiritual eye's lest we lose tthe fight, not against flesh and blood but the
Evil rulers, against the powers of this dark world and spirituals forces, authorities
And evil in the heavenly relms, a cautions to all you saint's out there come on get up.


You busy playing, busy sleeping while other's dying, busy making money while other's are still crying, are you telling me you to blind to see this, dear Lord walk us up from our deep sleep x2 Now my heart is hearvy, now it hurts my Spirit aches, can't explain how I feel cause it's real deep, my heart is meandering in a deep pit of pain, can't express how I feel call it ODIOUS


Satanic evangelism has evaded the world, the media to just look at what they broadcasting, promoting sexual immorality homie that's discusting, influencing everybody watching
Please avoid it, it's so attractive that I understand but man don't lose it, they tryin' capture your mind and tryin' to brain wash you, they tryin' to shift your focus
From the truth and just lose you, the devil is working 24/7 while you sleeping, get up and evangelise man time is moving, you never gain it if you letit slip off youe hands,
It's time you took hold of your full authority, destroying all emerging forces of the evil one, number one homosexuality has to go, God made man and woman not the opposite,
Wickedness has to disappear am talking to you, if you taking part in such then you gatta go.


Number two lesbianism has to disappear, it's never intended for woman to be with fellow woman, it's an evil act matter of fact it's so inpure, we see a lot of people
Inventing ways of doing evil, slanderers, murderers, idol worshipers, wickedness, evil, greed and depravity, envy, strife, malice, gossip and deceite
Is sin, God haters, insolate and boastful people, telling us to sign aid that is tied to homo, and if we deny we get hungry and die of hunger, elite org's telling
Us to to support the vice, we can't cause we trust in God not this evil vice, we know God is our refuge and our only rock, He never let's His people get
Defeated by evil, am putting on the full armor quote Ephesians 6, ready for war I see the devil already sweating.
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