Juwan shahir
Reformation 2006
Lets go

I got more class then an elementary school
So much, that I get you knocked out
Like a game of pool
Sun don't shine
In my part of town
Guys be wearin frowns
You could be rich or poor, less or more
Have the raspiest voice
Or a family that can rejoice
Follow da right signs
And you'll be havin that mouth lettin of rhymes
Spit the right lines
Money is gonna take your time
When I grip wit it
I'm so sick wit it
Make you wanna hang with me and
Just fit in
Already you quittin
I see your smile, but I kno you despise of me
I'm contagious like the west nile
Lemme spit my spits
Make my tracks
So when I sell them
It sells out like a recipe for crack
I'm writin a novel and I'm on the final chapter
Every door I reach my walls get less blacker
Hottest lyrics youve heard
From an underage scrap
You fallin into a trap
Known as poverty
I'm gettin paid using a part of me
Haha witness the reformation

(chorus 2x)
(various sampled voices)
Wait, here comes a brother I know for sho can rap
An I still got love for the streets
And this is by far the
Greatest rapper ever
I try to maintain

Don't even try me
I'm perfected highly
I'm movin thru the game
With 99 lives
I'm cuttin it all up with
99 knives
If you bring yo beef,
You better bring it cooked
Its my style
That's, getting you hooked
Don't hang with us
We all booked
Try to get away, but
I made you look
Rob a little kid and you call yourself
A crook
I'm like everlasting gum
I never run out
You know I gets my paper
Man I be runnin my mouth
Detroit, compton, I'm down for whatever
But you know at the end of the day
I'll be eatin my cheddar
My mic checks are like
Universal disasters
I'm already taught
I don't need no masters
I'm runnin around the world and
I keep gettin faster
.. So just chek this reformation

(chorus 4x)
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Reformation Lyrics

Juwan Shahir – Reformation Lyrics