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So High Lyrics

Justin Stone – So High Lyrics

[Verse 1]
[?] to taking everything they handed us
And things I said I wouldn't do
And they be jealous when the whole city looks up to you
I'm up against the world, no matter what happens next
I'm steady chasing my dreams while they just talking it
Caring less about my actions to enjoy the ride
Living life like I've got more than time
Something that came from nothing
Nobody wants us to win
And that's what kept me pushing when I wanted this to end
I put in the time, staying nobody's left
Always had determination to get it till nothing's left
On the verge of success, I'm still holding on
These memories can fade but are really never gone
Nothing worth achieving happened overnight
That's why I've been up writing the past two years of my life
Dudes that are getting paid, I am everything you made
The only time you'll find me sleeping is when I'm in my grave, in my grave like

[Verse 2]
Tomorrow's never great, so let's live it up
I've wasted too many hours caring what people say
They can hate us anyway
Had no chance I made it way
Gaining ground ahead of you
About to make that breakaway
When they try to slow us down, it's when I push my limits
I know I stand aside from all these other gimmicks
They tell you chase your dreams until you actually go and do it
And then they turn around and tell you your dream is stupid
I'm so done with people like that
We need more people like this
That work until what they want
Is what they actually give
Life's a journey
I've been down for the trip
Finally getting a grip
But my hearts on my sleeve
So I'm as real as it gets
Life is good in the skies
So all I'm seeing is highs
And I know I'll make it
I got the will to survive
We're the ones who took a risk
We're the ones who took a chance
So everybody is wishing they could do it how we did
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