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Recess Lyrics

Justin Roberts – Recess Lyrics

We've been stuck in this class for so long
That I guess I'm afraid that they might have forgotten
'Cause we're ready to go through the rain sleet or snow
But to stay in this room we will not

Can't you hear the black top callin'
Classroom clock is stuck or stallin'
There is nothing that will pass the test
Unless it's recess unless
Unless it's R-E-C-E-S-S


Now our teacher seems pleased with those long spelling b's
No surprise Stacy won it again
And that huge homework pile, it extends for a mile
Down the desk out the door around the ben

To hear that ring is what we're wanting
The monkey bars and swings are taunting
Once you get outside you will feel blessed
Oh yes it's recess oh yes
Oh yes it's R-E-C-E-S-S


What can we do to make this dream come true
Do we turn on the faucets and let them run over
To the waters that rise take our desks to the skies
Out the window and gently down, down, down
To recess, recess
It's recess

Yeah, hey

Now we're doing our best not to sound too distressed
Now there's minutes and seconds to go
Till our pencils and pens number papers is 10
We'll all fade in that warm summer glow

One more dotted I one more crossed T
Then we'll be running free
There's more beauty in this world than you could guess
Oh yes, it's recess, oh yes
Oh yes it's R-E-C-E-S-S


Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, recess
It's Recess
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