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Smoke Out Conversation Lyrics

Justin Navas – Smoke Out Conversation Lyrics

Verse 1:
Lyrically i see vividly when i puff it secretly,
My niggas keep it secrecy when they cross the trinity,
But y'all know, we live stringency,
Nine months till infinity, see how the love goes.. Oliver queen and felicity'
That's right,
Work under the sun, I'm in search for the bright light, but i try,
Show remorse to no black man, still i survive and i cry,
Left my niggas on a five by five when i was in Accra,
Street fame and gangsters, burn some tress all they fort Knox on plasters,
Fake ass rappers claim they masters get roasted like rafters,
But I'm mastered, see if they find answers? I'm down with Casper
Smoke some weed with a rasta, read the Bible get locked on each chapter,
Burst out in laughter, phoney niggas think dey faster, in a blink I'm outta'

Hook :
"getting high on my feeling, this high that I'm feeling, is higher than the ceiling, yall niggas keep hating, it's why you concealing, so when my shit drops.. It'd be time you be cleaning" x2

Verse 2 :
Hold it, roll it, the whole weed fucking smoking through it,
Sit back and relax no stress, let your fucking brain do it,
Don't loose it, you gotta fucking use it till you dream on da lucid,
Don't tryna confuse me, say I'm evolutionary stupid?
Lost my fucking mind, say I'm mad? Coz i proclaim the fact,
I think they getting slashed it's funny like fucking Kevin and Hart,
But no fucking treatment better, mail your death in a latter,
Rip your feather to shredder, don't fly in a colder weather.... You know better.

(hook repeat)

Verse 3 :
See I'm higher in my feelings, i got that fire on the ceiling,
My niggas be concealing they got that hating for a living,
I'm sniffing on some pennies it got me driven but am steady,
Friendly fairies come with they cherry berries, too many envy,
And too many ready with too many fleshes, but am too much a veggie to be friendly,
This homies in too scary with they guns they on to bury,
I got my hands all too sweaty, pray to God things don't get all too messy... Shit..

(hook till beat fades)
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