They'll break our backs if we should go it alone
By chaining our hearts to the things we own
They'll bend our minds if we listen too hard
To the incredible lies they start

They'll change their minds like the passing of days
They'll change the rules and then they'll change them again
Our heads will keep on spinning with the games that they play
Till we turn our backs to the game

So I'll carry you and you'll carry me
Just as long as we've got both of us
I'll carry you and you'll carry me
I don't know if you can make it, but I'm willing to see.

They'll tear us down and they'd rip us apart by
By constantly reminding us of what we are not
But here between us, we will know who we are
We're the kids of the King from a Kingdom not far.
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If We Go It Alone Lyrics

Justin McRoberts – If We Go It Alone Lyrics