We're caught in a rainstorm
And all you care about
Are the shoes on your feet
Are the ribbons in your hair
And you'll give us a lesson on next years fashion
Passing up your morals, they make for decent stories

Woah, Oh I'm ready to shoot shots at your heels
Another riot, another fight just to keep you next to me
Keeping your attention, keep you next to me

Standing in the spotlight all alone
Starting off like winter in the cold
You're giving into these demands.

So take it like you mean it
It's something to believe in
And we won't leave you restless
We'll just leave you here
And when you feel the chill upon you back and you turn around
No ones there to catch your fall, you'll feel like we feel now

Two steps, I'm one step behind you
Watching and making my own moves
Taking, breathing, and thinking
Thinking of possible outcomes, which are the hardest to come by
By the way, your looking at me
Looking at me, and tell me what you think
And is it what you want too?

To hurry up and live,
Your running out of...
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Hurry Up And Live Lyrics

Just Left – Hurry Up And Live Lyrics