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Badaba Lyrics

Jus Daze – Badaba Lyrics

Got a lot shit for me to prove I'm the nicest
Dynamite sticks in ur ass, but no hype shit
Me, I freestyle better than when you write shit
Dog I'mma kill you, you might get your Mike Vic'd
It doesn't matter race, I'mma half white prick
But ur girl appreciates the tan complexion of my dick
You better call A psychic, can I get A mic check?
You aint A rapper cause you write rhymes on ur sidekick
I'm A true rapper... Dress like A don dapper
You full of shit like you were invented by john crapper
I'll slap ya... Fuck it... If he dies, he dies
If he doesn't then I bet that he barely survived
Hip hop is revived, cause of me... The blocks live
So you better take the backstreet, boys, like faggot guys
I paid for the supersize so I ain't sharin my fries
But ur a fruitcake, so take the apple pies
And I'll decide to shoot you, ur flow is so doo doo
U'll be the first fag that ain't die from aids on Mcdougal
Or take you to bowery and beat you down hourly
Ur just two pussy... Like tia/Tamara mowry
Rappin this phat, it's hard to burn a calorie
Old school terminology, I dare you try to battle me
If you know me, I'm your favorite, even tho I ain't famous
I'm hot dogs from nathans, cookies from Amos'
So sick, I might even be on the plague list
I'll fuck ur bitch in the studio like Nick and Norah's playlist
Record the whole thing... The shit'll be a moan track
You'll prolly screech when you hear how we were both pro-Zac'd
Sno dat... I'm a bowlegged nigga
Cocky cause that's how your legs on the bowl nigga
I spit rhymes tryin to fulfill my goals nigga
I'm bow-legged so I call my nuts my bowls nigga
I gotta gift, something everyone should kno...
Cause presents always looks better with a bow
Juice beats gave me this beat... And it's off we go
Off with his head & takin tags off of toes
I've made friends enemies & friends off of foes
I meet a bitch, real quick, comes off her clothes
They bitches say I'm cute... Plus good at rap
So I turn their panty liners to a fuckin wet nap
Dead that... Get back
Head lap... Ex lax
In other words I get brains for the shit I drop on tracks
Can you fuckin do that?
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