(feat. Wiki)

You gotta come through boo deep dive on the counter 1 2 you
Down the ride on the counter I want you too
Relax real comfortable
My presence should feel like the peace you get and the hope you feel when you outside starin' at the moonlight
The face you see where the place you be
Who you late at night Better link with me
Gotta rub me down get your alright drippin' with me underneath the sea
Take a space between my thighs
Vacancy in my pink submarine

Meet me on the ocean floor
The part of Pussytown you've never seen before
You can swim around hit the diving board
All the way down is where I need you most

He ain't ready to rock
He don't smoke when I roll it
Say my shit is too high
Hittin' hard and he know it

I'm divin' in
Don't bother testin' the water no gotta climb right in girl let me find that
My moral
Got me up on my knees oral needs
Pum pum pretty like coral
Geez everybody know my head game crazy scuba
Is what I'm called Tell me what you heard
Shawty want from me
Down to my balls
I swear
My religion blue at sea but it's just you and me tell me what you heard babe If I'm a sailor you a tailormade mermaid
Don't know where to start
I ain't all that smart
A fuckin' shark havin' too much fun at the waterpark

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Ocean Floor Lyrics

JUNGLEPUSSY – Ocean Floor Lyrics