Consumed in your self pity
(Actions speak louder than words)
Bitter taste left in your mouth
(And it eats away at you)
As you sink your teeth
Further into the wounds
Your self-indulgence is
Poisoning and killing you

The chains have been released
My mind is now at peace
Once a lover now another
Distant memory

Frozen you had chosen to be
That’s what you lived for
That’s all you wished to be
Colder than ice, don’t think twice
You only see what you want to see
Close to the freeze darling
Now you must breath
Even when the truth is laid before you

Confused, as you walk away
(And it’s tearing us apart)
Refused to choose the brighter path
(And your feet sink into the sand)
A shade of what we've been;
No more hurting me
Once a lover now another distant, memory
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Narcissism Lyrics

June Stevenson – Narcissism Lyrics

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