Can you break me? Can you thank me?
Either way is possible so she stood up
And turned off the light She took the wrong
Way out She took the wrong way out

Give me a moment or maybe.. Give me something
That'll make my head spin for awhile And it's too late
To start a new direction When you're
Face down, southbound, hoping for the right one

This isn't a call for kisses out in the street I'm not
There yet This night, so defined has got me by the
Collar It doesn't hold on for a lifetime does it?


You have no better time to say There is no better
Time to say The way that you turned out, you burned
Out There is no better time to say, "Ohhhh.. Can you
Feel the disaster? Breaking hearts and a million here
After Ohhh.. Can you feel the disaster? Licking wounds and
A million here after again

So give me a line, give me hope, give me grief,
Give me you The whole world back Standing alone
On my tiptoes waiting.. It doesn't hold on for a lifetime
Does it?

[chorus x2]
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Wrong Way Out Lyrics

Junction 18 – Wrong Way Out Lyrics