It doesn't matter if I can't say anything,
As long as I can see you,
Even if I cannot have or touch you.
Truthfully, I should sweep away my heart once and withstand it.

I worry about your days, where you are? If you are well?
On the suffering night swallowing the moonlight,
Thoughts of you keep me from sleep.
I want the heavens to give approval the day I am born again,
Our unrealizable love.

Even if I cannot be next to you,
I will become a lonely shadow behind you.
You shouldn't look back even if you want to,
You must avoid me,
Who cannot give you happiness even for a little while.

One step, two steps, walk a bit faster than me.
So my two hands and also my two feet will not block your way.
I wish for the heavens to give approval on the day I am born again,
Our love that could not be realized.

Oh heaven, conceal my love,
Oh wind, give flight to my pain
I beg of you to not let my love know my tears.
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Approval Lyrics

Jun Suh – Approval Lyrics

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