"do you smoke opium?" he said
As he opened my wallet on the street
Please god please can you breathe just a little softer
It's hard enough to stand up straight cause I'm beat
Don't call your girlfriend on the phone
There's lots of other numbers you can use
Get this dial tone off me
Let's go out and get some coffee
Caffeine will make you less and less confused
I didn't want to be Chinese
I just ended up in this part of town
I'm an entertainer
And I will try to make you saner
At least turn your frown upside down
Here take a look upon my face
It's dark, I know you can't see at all
But try and take some notice
At least try and focus
Or else your going to stumble or even fall
There's one man coming from the south land
Just off the new fix
The sleeve tricks
Strike it up if judah sticks
The brass band
Hold hands
Right across the new land
Have an ancient pay your rent
At least conceal your identity
Cause it's cheaper when it's free
The warble in the purple
And the bubble's in trouble again
I heard there was a murder just upstairs
I saw the graffiti on the van
The tears on her cheek
They were as clean as a squeek
A crack in the window and they ran
Please let me hold you by the belt the fall is at least
Three stories down
It's easier I swear
Comb your teeth and brush your hair
A few flights of steps and we're into town
"do you smoke opium?" he said
As he offered the back seat of a cab
If you have no quid
Then don't you even make a bid
Don't worry I'll just put it on your tab
The yellow of the hood began to roar
And the seat became soft or so it seemed
Just press it to your skin
And let the fun begin
The music in your throat will make you scream
You don't know me but I'm famous
You might even like me given a chance
I'm nervous and I'm shaking
I'm toasted and I'm still baking
From this drug that gives this evening such romance
"do you smoke opium?" he said
As we walked into the early morning gray
With my hand upon his sleeve
Before I took my leave
I said "no and now I'll be on my way."
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Opium Lyrics

Jump, Little Children – Opium Lyrics

Songwriters: JAY CLIFFORD
Opium lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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