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Your Eyes Are Telling On You Lyrics

Julie C Myers – Your Eyes Are Telling On You Lyrics

Middle of the night I was sound asleep
You snuck out, forgot your phone, but I heard it beep
Somebody sent you a message, said “She had a great time”
Well I see that look, boy I ain’t blind
Don’t tell me that’s just one of the guys

Ooo-who, ooo-who your eyes are telling on You-who
You-who white lies and half a truth
Perfume you can’t hide
That puppy dog face is a poor disguise
You’re long gone dude, get a clue

Your eyes are telling on you

So stop calling me your baby, this girl ain’t no fool
Second chances are over, just like…I’m over you
And that slick little glance won’t work no more, so go on and walk
Ain’t nothing left here to say
Your face already says it all


On you-oooo,
You can try to tell your stories but your cover is blown
Those baby blues have a little story of their own
Ooo-ooo, ooo-ooo, ooo-ooo


On you-oooo, you-oooo,

Telling on you-oooo-you-ooo, on you-ooo you-ooo
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