Now your standards change with poverty
Certain things become luxuries
So drive yourself down to the pawn shop
There's nothing to cry about
There are thousands of guitars all over the world
So shake off that sorrow, shame and self-pity

Your '69 SG was never a necessity
The Beatles, the Stones and Raspberries
Will always be there to remind you of what will always
Thousands of guitars all over the world, millions even
All over the world, stop holding on
The rest have all been sold, give her a kiss goodbye

Then just let her go, don't you know that they never really die
There's no graveyard or heaven in the sky
There'll be one for you when you can
They're everywhere, they just change hands
Thousands of guitars hold on to your soul
Never give it away and you'll always be right
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Thousands Of Guitars Lyrics

Juliana Hatfield – Thousands Of Guitars Lyrics