How did we ever come to this
I never thought you'd be
Someone I'd have to miss...
And there I was caught in your game
Needing answers that never came
And we took a chance,
You said you were strong
Strong enough
But you were wrong...

And now I'm...

Deafened by your silence
Blinded by the tears
If you're looking for forgiveness
You won't find that here
Cause you lied your way to heartbreak
And now it's all too clear
That you will never be...

Look at her
She won't ever compare
You can say you're sorry
But I still don't care
Was she worth this mess
Was she worth this pain
You can say it's her fault
But you're both to blame


And now I'm...


Looking back it was all so easy
I hope you know you're my last mistake
Don't come around and say you need me
I won't stay

Now I know that you were so deceiving
Was it fun for you to walk away
I hope you liked it
Cause she's so damn easy
You won't change


That you will never be...
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You WIll Never Be Lyrics

Julia Sheer – You WIll Never Be Lyrics

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