Never will I turn my eyes away from you
Not from your deepest depths, your darkest abyss.
In your shadows, in your sea I'll walk
I'll fill them up with my levity, my love.
Never will I hide away from you
I'll hold nothing back
For everything inside me is yours
For everything inside me is you.
Every pain you bring
I will take into my open arms
And sing it to sleep
Until it's gentle stillness.
I want to see and free and love everything in you.
You may be my life and my death too.
I want the heaven inside you as well as your hell,
The angel and the demon.
I want to save you and want to be saved.
I want to be love.
Love for you.
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Renew The Vows Lyrics

Jule Konrad – Renew The Vows Lyrics