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Shook Ones (Freestyle) Lyrics

Juice WRLD – Shook Ones (Freestyle) Lyrics

Uhuh uh uhuh uh oh
Ain't no such thing as half way
Ain't no such thing as half way
Ain't no such thing as half way gangsters
You in them hallways, you ain't in the streets
Niggas really thinking that it's cool to make beef
And become enemies of enemies
How come all of my enemies was friends to me
How come all my enemies is frienemies
How come all my enemies is blind
I catch 'em lackin' and kill 'em before I read all they energy
I guess that's my energy
I don't know whats gotten' into me
I'm kinda fucked up, well at least mentally
Physically I'm richer than a bitch, who I'm meant to be
I'm up in London gettin' in bustin'
Head like concussion
Run up that's okay I swear to god that its nothin'
All these niggas be beefin' really they bluffin'
I'ma change the money like it's a subject
Thinkin' nothin' of it
Fuckin' bitches in public
Callin' a ruckers
Causin' a ruckus
I'm a boondock nigga
I'm feelin' like Uncle Ruckus
Off the dome when I'm kickin'
Freestyle I don't do the writtens
I don't fuck with cats, so I be beatin' up the kitten
I don't fuck with scrappin' so I'm grippin' on that Smith and
If you want it come and get it, sixty shots in sixty seconds
Had to kill 'em in a minute
My flow is intimate, white it out like it's Eminem
Really I keep on killin', my bars are really intricate
Man, I love it when I spit heat
These niggas think that they can get me, they can't get me
You rich than a bitch, hell nah nigga convince me
I leave that nigga cooked up like mincemeat
I use his head as a centerpiece
I get Duff and Clinton money like my name Hilary
I spit like I'm on a ministry
You run up on me I'm killin'
My choppa' on me, that's my mini-me (uhha yeah)
That's my mini-me
I keep it in the trunk of the Beemer that's where its 'posed to be
That's where its meant to be, that's where I'm meant to be
Uh uh, hold on
Let me catch my vibe
Fuck your bitch be mad if she blow my high
Suck my dick in a fuckin' suicide
After that catch a drift and commit suicide
Xanny and the Percy I'm a whole different person
Even if I'm high as fuck, I'm in the studio working
Ball like Julius Erving, fuck with me you hit the curb
Curb stomp a nigga before he could say a word
Yeah, and that's on my life
You lookin' for my son, I'll put that in your wife
You run up, that's okay, I got my .45
It's a fifty up in it, shoot his ass forty times
I gave my choppa a titty, that bitch busty
These niggas talking stupid, they crusty
Smoking on the stank shit, musty
Real ass nigga shit I must be, (huh yeah)
Shit I must be
Pull up on the scene, that's just me
I don't need a team but I got two teams
I don't sip green, I just sip red lean
Double cup filled up got me stumblin'
Flippin' the work up, its Jesse White tumblin'
I got the sack I called a player I ain't fumblin'
I shoot his ass then he crawled a car under it
Ill blow up, C4's I may just detour (huh)
Pull up on 'em like ooh
Hold on let me catch this bitch
Finna' give 'em uh
Back on spittin' the crack ho
Full of shit they call me a asshole
Shy? hell no just a little bashful
Brick hell yeah, got a little cash flow
I spent a hunnid K within a month
I spent fifty K on a blunt
You ain't smokin' what I'm smokin' lil' boy
Big loud, your shit makin' no noise
Real nigga, they a bunch of decoys
Run up on me then they gettin' destroyed
Who the fuck brought in these boys
Who the fuck tottin' all these toys
Thirty and that .40 make 'em act up
Kinda like a cha-cha slide he back up
Pourin' that in the back of the truck
With a bitch that like to act up
I still get my dick sucked
I don't spit lines, I still got pick up
The truck got pick up, your bitch get picked up
I still get my dick sucked
We and Westwood lit as a bitch
I give a shit I'm a hit
I hit the bitch then I'm gone
I hit that bitch like the lick
I tell that bitch suck a dick
I tell her swallow my kids
I tell her swallow the jizz
Hopefully she get the gist
The word play is way better than these other niggas
I'm so smooth I could prolly fuck your mother nigga
After that I may just double back and hit yo' babysitter
In the paint like Shaquille O'Neal cause I babied niggas
Shake it up like earthquakes lil' Haiti nigga
I'm not on XBOX, nah, you can't play me nigga
4:44 my gun like JAY-Z
Huh ahuh this nigga crazy
Lookin' at my dad like "you made me?"
Bitch, I made myself, is you crazy? (uuf)
Is you crazy? You couldn't pay me to say that
Nigga couldn't pay me
Uh uhuh uh
I wanna keep goin' on this bitch
Uhuh uh uhuh uh
Uhuh uhuh uh
Westwood type shit
I remember growin' up watchin' Westwood freestyles
Thinkin' I would be here one day
I use to hope for it, dream for it, wish for it, pray for it
Look what happened on a fuckin' Sunday
I pull up on 'em like Makonnen and Drake with the choppa'
'Cause the club goin' up on a Tuesday
It's 2012 and this Glock when I up it you a Mayan
I'ma end yo shit this is doomsday (oo)
Yeah, and that's some wordplay and this what I say
I keep it three K like my name Andre (uh yea)
And this some wordplay, and this some wordplay
This some uh, this some uh, this some uh, this some
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I don't wanna feel it if the feelin' is real
I'm Matrix when I pop these Xannies, that's a limitless pill
I'm dying to live
Fuck it I'ma live it again
Yo girl gave up the pussy, she gon' give it again
And the crib prolly' hittin' her friends
Gettin' it in, money in my pockets that I'm willin' to spend
At the door, knock knock, please lettin' 'em in
I ball like a letterman hotter than a sweater then
Pull up on the scene choppa' on me, the Beretta twin
And your head like barrettes make you shake like Tourettes
Run up on me leave you left
Matter fact intercept, take a sec
Breaking bad with this shit, Crystal meth
Freestyle off the dome, I don't write, too exciting
Told you I'm the man and these hoes really like it
My bitch strapped up but no she not dyking
Run up that's okay you gone die from the fire
.40 on my hip boy I don't live a lie
Treat you like you Christ, with the shit crucified (huh)
Yeah you get crucified
I don't fuck with shit so I ain't gettin' scrutinized
I'm high as a bitch
I'm fly as a bitch
You girl, gon' fuck her she goin' bye in the bitch
Run up on me, that's okay, cause you gon' die in the bitch
Click clack pow pow, homicide in the bitch
Freestyle off the dome I won't lie in this bitch
Fuck a pen and a pencil I won't write in this bitch
Feel like the Buddha or something
I'm enlightened and shit
Feel like I'm lightning or something
How I'm strikin' and shit
Off the dome when I'm kickin' and spittin' the flows hoe
Pull up on the scene freeze it, I call it a snowglobe
Matter fact I'm on cold and colder than Ozone
Colder than Frozone, Colder than Ozone
I freeze up the Ozone
Walkin' yo hoes home, my dick in yo hoes dome
Fuck is you on
I'am chillin' in the green like a bunch of croutons
Gettin' top from a bad bitch on a Futon
I remember days I used to skip school to crack cars
And crack bars and went too far off the Xan bars
I forgot them days, I still remember em
My life is so cold, sometimes I December it
Then again it switches up to the point where I ember it
Hot and these niggas be jealous, see how they envy it
Pull up on the scene, my choppa' too close to me
I guess our relationships intimate
I close my eyes so I can lock in
Tourist with the Glizzy, I call her the Glock twin
Try the judge a nigga, I told 'em they Cochran
I won't fuck the bitch but she wanted my cock in
I pull up to the scene my head is noddin'
Off the lean chillin', I'm Speaker Knockin'
Rest in peace man, that shit was horrible (uh)
Look at that bitch, her ass adorable (uh)
I just made explorer, I feel like Dora hoe (uh)
I was on the scene spittin' metaphoricals (uh)
What I said in that one song
A black black, a white bitch, a black bitch
That's a Oreo (uh)
Got the shit sealed like a fuckin' envelope (uh)
Pull up on the scene with the choppa' let it go (uh)
I'ma hunt 'em down like his ass a antelope (uh)
Tote cold with the ice it's a eskimo (uh uh uh)
Had to let 'em know (uh)
Load it up, I let it breath, I let it go (uh)
Fucked the bitch, I let it be, I let her go (uh)
Uhuh uhh
Switch up the beat gang
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