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Ride For Me, Die For Me Lyrics

Juice WRLD – Ride For Me, Die For Me Lyrics

I told her ride it like a rental
It’s just a rental
I’m not with all the sentimentals
Just keep it simple
You wanna know what i’m into
So you can get in too
But i ain’t trynna get in to
I done been through
A lot shit been on my mental
I done been through
Niggas say they gone kill me
Nike, you just do it
Bitches say they want the real me
They say i’m real stupid
I already told you my relationship with cupid

The shit don’t ever work, my heart cold
It’s been cold since I threw it to the South Pole, uh
AP two tone yeah, my wrist cold
Straight flawless, the pride is a crash course
I’m a diamond in the rough, that’s a gem, hoe
Mix my Gemini's with a bath salt
I was told to let them live and let ‘em go
But instead I just love them and hold em close
Opioid addict, it’s fucking narcos
Heartbreak addict too, I been done wrong
Got a thing for the freaks and the snake hoes
Love sex so much need a porno
Love sex so much need a deep throat
Can’t fuck wit her if she don’t got a deep throat
150 for the watch, not a cheap hoe
[?] you can keep those

See a hoe to the side of me
Need a girl that’ll die for me
Her boyfriend wanna ride for me
That nigga better come ride for me
I remember when i couldn’t get the time of day
Now these hoes wanna get in time with me
I remember being little playing board games
Now i’m playing.....
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