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Japan (Freestyle) Lyrics

Juice WRLD – Japan (Freestyle) Lyrics

O.K. Let's skate
Bad bitch finna come my way
Going 90 when I’m on the Highway
Can't go high without the high aye
Everyday I wake up smoke another gram
Ion give a fuck nor another damn
I'm smokin’ the kush from the Hoover Dam
Ima let these bitches know who I am
I can make whole songs without messin up
Gotta fess up, I feel like I'm next up
Bad lil bitch in the car named Vanessa
She's a flexa and a sexta
Yeah, aye, sext her and finesse her
Then it's next yuh, then it's next yuh
Bow flex from the way shit work out
Choppa leave a nigga shaking like it's twerk out
Tyson, I may knock his lights out
Like I said shawty strapped she tryna dyke now
Run up on me talkin shit you wanna die now
Choppa workin kinda like a 9 to 5 now
Switch the flow up
Drinking Henny with the lean, til I throw up
Almost spent 2k on a bottle of some Henny
Ion even drink that heavy, what the fuck gotten in me
Tote'n on the semi
Hardaway when I'm ballin these niggas comparin me to penny
Spare change? hell nah keep the pennies
Ballin hard fuck a jersey need a penny
Caught a fat nigga lacking he was up at Denny’s
He don’t want smoke but we got plenty
I'm on bullshit like Chicago, no Benny
I’m in London gettin it jumpin
Run up on me and I'm uppin the .40, it ain't nothin
All of my niggas be makin this money, no assumption
I goin fuck the bacon til that horny bitch cummin
Watch a nigga vomit
Like I said my momma really think that I'm demonic
Mom let’s be honest
It's money in my pockets
I feel like a angel with these devil horns stop it
You don't want no problems
Like Wayne said cool what's a goon to a goblin
What's a god without a goddess, so I need me a goddess
Fuck being humble shit I'm done being modest
Nah I'm playin, all this shit a blessin
Catch this chopper into yo intestines
Mic check 1-2 testin
Pull up on the scene slim wrestlin
Me and Westwood straight flexin
I just may drop a hundred on a necklace
I just may drop a hundred on my next bitch
Flexin on the X bitch
Uh, I do that in private
My gun a librarian that bitch came with a silencer
Yes I'm for the violence
I still want peace tho
Yes I got a girlfriend these niggas do hoes
Pull up on the scene like kick shit like Judo
I'm the type-
(That beat hard, I ain't never really listen to instrumentals, like you know like the instrumentals of the songs and shit? These bitches be hard)
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