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Fall Through Lyrics

Juice WRLD – Fall Through Lyrics

Woah Woah
Woah Woah
Woah Woah
Woah Woah Woah
Woah Woah
Woah Woah
My names JuiceTheKidd in case you didn't know
Now you know
You heard me?

Where do I start?
I don’t really know what to say
I just wanna thank God for a wonderful day
I just wanna thank god for this blunt and this haze
That I'm about to roll up and put this shit to my face
I just hope my mom don't think that I’m a disgrace
Cause she see weed, drugs, girls all over the place
I'm just tryna get this money put it all on a plate
So all my niggas weak can eat again, then we'll be straight
I'm just tryna get the money, I'm just tryna get the moola
I'm not tryna be conceded though
And all my niggas in the streets clips long in them Rugers
Give they ass a reason to, yeah
And I've been chillin' with my goons
I’ve been chillin’ with my demons little more then I needed to, yeah
And this verse go out to the girl, aye bitch
Fucked around I needed you, damn
Imma go ahead and step out of my lane
I got money like Monopoly
But then again nigga this is not one of them games, okay
These niggas so fool, I swear these niggas so lame
But fuck them niggas look
Yesterday I had a revelation
I saw me at a fancy restaurant makin' reservations
I saw me shakin’ the world ain't talkin' about a Haitians
I saw me havin' attics and I’m servin' in the basement
I saw me as a rap god and a trap god
Cause I rap hard and I trap hard
My brothers turned to fiends, without the backyard
Why you frontin' in the backyard?
That's how a bitch nigga get his ass tossed
A couple shots will leave him layin' on the asphalt
And that's merched on me and my homies
Run up on me Imma leave your girlfriend lonely
Ill take you out the picture, take you out the picture
Life is just a movie I'm just writing my description
Boy I swear to God all I see is these visions
My niggas in the cut they comparing us to scissors, we sharp
In the water looking like sharks
Two bitches at a time nigga no Noah's Ark
Fly in this bitch ain't talkin' Bonaparte
Talkin' dumb to me and Imma tear your goons apart
That's real, I don't really know how to say it
I don't really wanna say it, fuck around Imma spray it
I got the gun on my hip, nigga fuck it keep playin'
I swear to god I'm the man motherfucker not playin'
I'm so serious, poppin' xans until I'm delirious
All these monkeys like George, a little too curious
Hope you niggas hearin' it, too fast for the furious
Niggas talkin' dumb and that choppa go ahead and kill him
Boy I swear Imma turn up, excited delirium
Huh, like excited delirium
Yeah, reflections just like a mirror shit

JuiceTheKidd is my name
Life is just a picture
I'm just tryna make myself a frame
Yeah, somebody show me the ways to this game
Cause I'm through playin' games
Yeah I'm through playin' games
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