Sometimes you like to be the victim
Sometimes you play the volunteer
Tonight we play our rolls, it always ends the same
Without control there's only fear
You love to bring the chaos in our lives
Still it took the world to say goodbye
So go your way
And someday I'll go mine
I hope you find that something better
In a world that's so unkind
It's a shame that the life we shared
Is the one we left behind
I recognize the chaos in our lives
That's why it nearly killed me to say goodbye
Dry off your tears and just don't look behind
Are you someone new
Do you think of me the way I think of you?
Can you see the game?
We hurt each other,
Nothing's ever going to be the same
I know I let you know
But that's not the way the truth
Is supposed to sound
And now you're on your own
Does it serve us better to be left here
All alone?
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Victims And Volunteers Lyrics

Jughead's Revenge – Victims And Volunteers Lyrics