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Loosifa Lyrics

Juggaknots – Loosifa Lyrics

What yall know about them wild niggas
Devil child niggas
The type to catch the Bhudda bus, slide up to the fuzz
Sayin "officer, run your shotty before I catch this body"
I knew this nigga Smokey, sorta like his pistol
Barrel run your apparel and shit like that was wanted
But later that would die down,
Sorta like many abandoned that he ran with
His block felt sorta haunted
His only solitude was wifey, word to life, G it seemed
They was together forever and now the womb had been seeded
He needed a job and the mama wouldn't do it
He wasn't tryin to go out like the corner strapped
Her mother was a nurse, her purse was chubby
From the hospital she found Smokey some work and shit was lovely
With some cream in here, feed a patient there, he had loot
And not a nigga on the street would have to get that pocked tapped
He's workin in maternity and learnin
Seein much about the infant children
To be skilled in fatherhood
Stealin baby's stuff home for self
And he didn't have to pull the Mac-20 off the shelf and get...

Loose if a brotha can't take no more
Loose if a brotha can't swing
Loose if a brotha can't break once more
Loose if a brotha.....(loose if a, loose if a...)

In Maternity, Smokey saw stuff, raw stuff,
Make-you-drop-your-draws-stuff, hospitals get sorta wild
He saw some babies shaken, awakin' if they were fortunate
His soul was scorchin, it would have thinkin of his child
Later there would be no "honey, I'm home,"
Strictly "Woman if you're (?????) I'll leave you wet up"
On the block, a flock of zombies entranced
By the peddlers of temporary ghetto heaven had him fed up
His job was gettin hard to f
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Songwriters: CHRIS LIGGIO
Loosifa lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group

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