All On A Wintry Night
A bright star was shining down
Upon the little town of Bethlehem
The shepherds in their fields
Were amazed at the sound
Of angels singing in Jerusalem

The wise men made their way
Every traveling night and day
With myrrh and frankincense
And gifts of gold
While Mary, meek and mild
With her first born child
And Joseph sheltered
With her from the cold

The angels and the animals
Were kneeling to His glory
To praise the Son of God
Come once upon a time
The promised Prince of Peace
The babe in swaddling clothes
In his mothers arms did sleep
Within a lullaby of light
The angels sang on high
The song of heaven bright
Redemption came upon
That blessed night

The trembling voice of shepherd
The harp that played a melody
And Joseph knew among the straw
The glory of divinity
The promised prince of peace
So let us sing his praise
The baby King of light
And make a place
Within our manger stall
His promise is renewed
Upon this Christmas night
For you, for me,
For shepherd King and all

The glory of this humble verse
Relieves us of our poverty
And we are rich in blessing
For He was born for you and me
The promised Prince of Peace
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All On A Wintry Night Lyrics

Judy Collins – All On A Wintry Night Lyrics

Songwriters: JUDY COLLINS
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