Lipstick stain on your glass
Grab your stilettos get out fast
You got a chip on your pretty shoulder
You wear your smile back to front
We once were warm now we gettin colder
I don't know what you want

The more that I get to know you
The more I see that I don't know
I don't know who you are
The closer that I get to know you
The little less that I know
I don't know
Maybe I can make you better
Maybe you can make me better
Help me help to make you better
Help me get to know you better

Verse 2
The way your lips curve on your smile
I haven't seen that in a while
You concerned with the little things
You don't know when to stop
Instead of tearing this love into little pieces
Let me catch each tear that you drop
Repeat Chorus

I can't seem to find
A way to read what's running through your mind
Is it better that we leave it all behind
What is on your mind
I thought I knew you better
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Jtyriq – Better Lyrics

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