[intro - Kandi]
Someone, someone (I got)
Someone, someone (for me, I found)
Someone someone

[verse one - Kim]
Used to wait up for you til like five in the morning
Robe on watching reruns and yawning
Wasn't calling
You didn't care
You knew I'd always be there
I fooled myself like you would change
Finding numbers in the glove of the range
But I didn't complain
I loved you the same
But I got a surprise for you today
Baby because

[hook - js (Kim)]
Someone's been sleeping in my bed
Someone's been kissing mine (uuhhh)
'cause you rather go out instead
Someone, someone, someone, someone

Someone's been rubbing my back
Someone's been asking me {you like that?}
Just like you did when we first met
Someone, someone, someone
Someone, someone, someone

[verse two - Kandy]
Now baby, you used to introduce me
To the finer thangs
The passion that we shared was
Straight off the chain
Thought I would never feel that way again
Convinced myself I was to blame
(He) touches me like you used to do
(And he) loves me like you used to do
(Baby) he wants to replace you
And I gotta do what I gotta do
I'm sorry

[repeat hook - js with Kandy's adlibs]

[break - js (Kandy)]
Someone was at home lonely at night
Someone was out all the time
Was the last thing on your mind
But I found someone so it's alright (its alright)

[repeat hook till fade - js with Kandy & Kim's ad libs]
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Someone Lyrics

Js – Someone Lyrics

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