What it feels like, tell me what it feels like
With a girl in your arms during late nights
Her lips, they taste like a soft knife
Cutting through my heart, until it feels right
Here's half and it's yours to keep
Hold it tight, real tight, so you'll think of me
But, don't feel the need to rush
Your pace is just enough
No need for you to speak up now
Your company alone, speaks so loud
We'll find the time to take a deep breath
Take it in, take you out, no recess
Settle down, there's no settling here
Blessed from the start and the start is near
Girl the moments that we spend apart
Will only add strength to a lonely heart

I will wait to see
What it feels like, tell me what it feels like
If you will wait for me
What it feels like, tell me what it feels like
Put together by a grand design
It's funny how he knew what we had in mind
5 years, count down
You're here, removing any doubt
So close, I can feel your touch
Take me away, without giving me up
What it feels like, tell me what it feels like

[Verse 2:]
Pouring rain, and you're standing at a distance
I extend my arms, and we listen
You fall into a warm embrace
The storm we knew is now passing away, like
Like the months into weeks, and the weeks into days
And the days into minutes that will lead us to break
Bittersweet, but a summer escape
Only keeps a young kid from getting carried away
And I, I may have said too much,
But this is honesty
And honestly I would be lying, lying through my teeth
If I made you believe, that this just isn't me
I lay it out, I wear it on my sleeve,
And I'll wait for the moment when our hearts agree and I

[Verse 3:]
I've been in and out relationships
(nothing serious, so I can't commit(
I put the time and the effort into makin 'em work(
But to find who with is always a blur
(I see couples, all around
(Arguin, makin up, got the love right now(
But, I don't see it, I could never feel it(
'Cause it always felt wrong(
Tried to make it what it wasn't
(So there was nothin for me to hold on, to
(I apologize if I'm makin the wrong moves(
I probably make it seem like I'm the wrong dude(
For you, 'cause I'm cautious bout what I do(
Tryna adapt to the way you are
(Tryna feel love and forget them scars
(I'll put my heart on the line if you give it life
(so tell me what it feel like
Cause baby
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What It Feels Like Lyrics

Jream Andrew – What It Feels Like Lyrics