I think im heading to crazy town.
Stuck to you is what I wanna do.
I feel like a child that wants more candy.
That means more of you, girl.

We should be frozen like iceto each other.
I just need to be right be side you.
At all cased.
Cause we would make fame, from our love.
Just you and me, just you and me.

Stuck on you yeah, yeah, yeah.
Im stuck to you whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy to do to be stuck on you.
Your someone I need to get next to.
I don't wanna live without you.
Cause your love is like the wind,
I can't see it but I can alway's feel it around me.
Im stuck to you, stuck on you.
Stuck like glue.

You say let's be friends, but I don't want to.
You say let's hang out, and I want to.
Cause I just want to be next to you.
Im getting to you, I can see it.

My mind is full of thoughts!, about you girl.
I would tell you that I need you to be with me
or else I'll go crazy.
But all I have to say is that im


Now your in my dreams, every night.
So I'll be thinking of you, all the time, none stop,
There's no way I can get you out of this obsession
ove you.
But I call it love and do you call it love too...... Baby!


I think im heading to crazy town.........
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Stuck On You Lyrics

Jr Nashacappo – Stuck On You Lyrics