Let's give thanks to our heavenly Father
For our angel standing by,
'Cause it's so wonderful to have someone
Who rushes to dry each tear we cry.
Just a precious guardian angel designed
Especially to be right by our side,
Uplifting when we're low and lonely
And comforting us with arms outstretched so wide.

Whenever things go wrong,
We can make everything all right,
So make no mistake
And in the end life will work out.
If anybody needs shelter in the time of storm,
We can make everything all right,
So we have nothing to fear
And after all life will work out.

Our angel realizes that we're human
And protects us when we're weak and oft in need,
That's why it's so nice
To have an angel doing many kindly deeds.
Delivering messages of love
In such a tender, heartfelt way,
Angels are special and glorious,
Brigtening our day.

Repeat Chorus

If anyone does you wrong
And he treats you like you're not there,
What you need is a guardian angel
To keep you in His loving care.
It's exciting to feel the presence
Of our angel that God has sent,
Filling our hearts with hope and happiness
As to us they patiently attend.

Repeat Chorus
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We Can Make Everything All Right Lyrics

Joyce Berry – We Can Make Everything All Right Lyrics