Verse 1:

When I found myself home, I opened my arms to the gift and the giver, but
The air wasn't the same, The streets were a maze and the town unfamiliar,
So I slept on the edge of the bed, A precipice set on the plotline of
And I kept my spirit in check, While my thoughts were a wreck and in need
Of redeeming.


It doesn't matter that I've run out of money or the economy's shot to hell,
It doesn't matter that the president's hammering on the crack in the
Liberty Bell, It doesn't matter that strangers are moving into your
It doesn't matter that people are evil, 'cause God is good.

Verse 2:

But when God opened my mind to glorious views of his natural appearance,
Then I ran out of words and was reassured that all along he could hear us.
His feet, a furnace of bronze, his tongue was a sword and his voice was the
Thunder, His palms were littered with stars, his eyes were the suns, and I
Ran out of words. I ran out of words.

God is good, God is good,
God is infinite and wonderful and God is good.
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I Ran Out Of Words Lyrics

Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery – I Ran Out Of Words Lyrics

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