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The New Love Song Lyrics

Joshua James – The New Love Song Lyrics

The New Love Song

So you say you want a love song
One to move your feet onto
I'll sing a real life tune
So you say you want a love song,
One to play your girlfriend with
I hope my little number will do....

Oh ohohoh oh oh ohm... Mmm. Mmmm

Lets stop our busy lives awhile
And think of the many many people
Across the many miles of earth
That have no clothes, no food to eat.

And what about the air we breathe,
To the food we eat,
Are filled with things that kill,
Our deaths are closer than we think.

Well another silly love song could make me sick
About a heart broke emo rocker and his messed up chick
Are we so deaf dumb and blind we can't see the candlestick
Burnin down

Wakes up on her Monday morn
It's just another cup of coffee
In her run down place called home
She makes her way out to the car

The radio blares to drown
All the many many faces in her head
That at one time cared
But they have all moved and gone.

Now to work she goes
Removing all her clothes
For all the perverse older men in our sickly generation
But they don't give a damn


Open your souls, open your minds
There's a lot of wonderful people in the world outside (repeat)

Chorus (first) then
Another silly love song could make me sick
I could say hello but I want a conversation
I could love till I'm dead but how long will I live
Till I'm down
We're burnin down
Oohh oohhh oh oh oh oh.
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