Through the pages of her memories she was searching for some history
And trying to find what she lost in him
But the truth was hard to find because he lied so many times
Now she’s out on the town on a whim

Say, girl, you better leave him alone
She says “I know, but I gotta let you know, you know”

“I loved him mind, body, and soul
I know sometimes it foolish, baby, Lord, I know”

So he’s at some ‘cross-town bar going way too far
With some lady he don’t even know
So he orders up one more and heads toward the door
With his eyes gazing down at the floor

Says “I remember when I used to have a home”
“But now I’m doomed to spend the rest of my nights alone. Alone”

“‘Cause I loved her mind, body, and soul”
“And I know sometimes it’s foolish, baby, Lord, I know.”

After weeks of loneliness, they’re ready to confess
That things just weren’t as bad as they seem
No, think it’s kinda funny how your own selfishness
Can take away all love in your dream

So, now they lay in a lover’s embrace
As she closes her eyes and he touches her face, her face

Says “I love you mind, body, and soul”
“I know sometimes it foolish, baby, Lord, I know”
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Mind, Body & Soul Lyrics

Josh Weathers Band – Mind, Body & Soul Lyrics

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