There she was
On a warm summers breeze
Just as free as could be
So oblivious to me
As I stand
Taking her in
Everything else seems to fade
As I get up to say

This is it
This is the moment am I right or wrong?
But I've got to catch you before you are gone again.
Don't wanna rush you; I've got nothing to lose.
But I've got this feeling it should be me and you
Palms are shaking
Could this really be... My love at first sight?

Here I stand
Going out on a limb
Searching deep within
For the words to say
She just smiles
As I try to explain
Then she puts her fingers to my lips
As she gets up to say

You may not believe
But just wait and keep hope alive
Cuz its there; Oh it's real
And one day you will find
You will find your love at first sight.
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Love At First Sight Lyrics

Josh Verdes – Love At First Sight Lyrics