(Caught in the gray skies)
Tired of always playing the part
Caught in the dark, wasting away
Those stupid people calling our names
Fueling the spark and starting
The fame under gray skies

Yeah, you're strange and you're beautiful
And you hold your head up high in the middle of a fight
Rearrange and disable the fuel you hold inside
In the middle of the night

Climbing to the top of the chain
Who is to blame, look where we are
Respect is still the highest regard
And this may be true
But now we are caught in the gray skies

You're strange
(Better than you, and don't you think about it twice)
(I don't wanna be here, wanna be here all night)
(And you don't wanna think, wanna think, wanna think too long)

You're strange and beautiful
Yeah, you're strangely and beautiful
Yeah, you're strange
Yeah, you're strange

Caught in the gray skies
All the strange on the darkest days
Gotta drive that skew
Gotta milk that stage

Time to shine to make the stars align
Dig your thing
Time to show the world who you really are
You're the president, you're a carpenter

Fallen in love
Then you rise above
Then you run for the hill
Gray skies

Caught in the great skies
Got caught in the gray skies
Caught in the great skies
Got caught in the gray skies
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Grey Skies Lyrics

Josh Kelley – Grey Skies Lyrics

Songwriters: JOSH KELLEY

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