I find it hard to believe
We grew up this fast
Unable to make it last
Never forced to release
But choosing the past
Rather slit my wrist and take a bath
Can't even look at myself
I feel like a ghost
We hurt the ones we love the most
Amidst the final farewell
She offered a toast
I knew at once my glass was dosed

Nothing left but a puncture wound
Some would say that we jumped too soon
And I don't want to go on knowing
All the nights that I spent with you
Nothing left but a puncture wound
This arrow carved you out
This arrow look at you now

I count the ways out
Nothing will mend
This love is broken
So I live without
I try to extend
My hands to wash your dissidence
Even when shes close to me
I feel like its wrong
Giving up another day
Not how its supposed to be
Numb to respond
I know theres something in the way


Got an arrow
I'll shoot it
See you when you open your eyes
I say hello

I find it hard to believe
What we've become
Brought into another world
This arrow stuck in me
Pulled me away
Caught under the richocet


Nothing left but a puncture wound
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Arrow Lyrics

Josh Cameron – Arrow Lyrics